Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nanten and Yatate - Cowboy Bebop

This week I'm reading a manga - Cowboy Bebop, by Nanten and Yatate. The artwork is good, the stories varied, most of them interesting. It is basically a continuation of the series. There is another manga, written after this one, that re-tells the series. I've glanced at it. I prefer the art from this series, but the stories in the second manga look good - except they wait several issues to bring Faye into the story. Apparently that manga's author does not like Faye, or she is a 'least favorite'. Myself, I like Faye. If she were real I would date her. Of course, she would probably rob me, but even so she would still be ahead of some of the other women I've dated over the years - ha, ha, ha .....sigh.

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