Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hideyuki - Vampire Hunter D

I found a series by a Japanese author (the first seven books are available in translations), named Kikuchi Hideyuki. His novels take place on a future post-apocalyptic earth. Humans, some with super-human abilities, survive amidst the ruins of a Vampire -dominated civilization. The books feature the occasional werewolf or other monster as a secondary or supporting character. But here again, the focus is vampires. The series title is Vampire Hunter D. The lead character is a half-vampire. He has lived since well before the cataclysm, since before our time. I won't give all the backstory here, but it is interesting, complex, and well-thought out. The various novels in the series give us drama, horror, action, well-developed characters. I recommend this series for horror, action, and fantasy fans.

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