Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eshbach - The Land Beyond the Gate

The Land Beyond the Gate. Loyd Arthur Eshbach. Ballantine Books. 1984. Book one of his four volume Fantasy epic. A series for fans of Celtic Fantasy, featuring the Tuatha de Danann of Celtic myth, though gods of Sumerian and Indian mthos also appear in major roles, and some Christian elements also, including Lucifer's lieutenant Ahriman. A Scottish-American travels into the Scottish highlands in 1990. Things both good and bad happen to him. But he does not leave the highlands. Next chapter: a year later, his brother, our main character, enters the highlands to search for him. He finds the brother, a magic sword, a magic armlet, a scroll, and four magical gates leading to other worlds. In these worlds he encounters the above characters, plus Formores, Vikings, Trolls, Druids, Romans, and other dangers and surprises. What adventures await? What is Ahriman's (and Lucifer's) plan? What is the secret of the scroll? This series was written by one of the early pioneers of fantasy fiction. Esbach ran Fantasy Press in the fifties, and published many of the early sf and fantasy greats. He was twice guest of honor at the world fantasy convention. After his retirement he returned to writing and gave us this four volume epic fantasy. Book two is Armlet of the Gods, 1986. Book three is The Sorceress of Scath, 1988. Book four is The Scroll of Lucifer, 1990.

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